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Businesses that Contribute to Eco-Green in the Region of Mackay

Mackay, located in the state of Queensland, Australia, is a beautiful region with various tourist attractions. More and more local businesses in this region are focusing on eco-green initiatives. These businesses promote sustainability and the protection of the environment. Here is a list of some of the best eco-green businesses in the Mackay region.

1. Eimeo Pacific Hotel

Eimeo Pacific Hotel is located at the end of Eimeo Esplanade in the northern suburbs of Mackay. The hotel has been recognised for its eco-friendliness and for implementing energy-efficient practices. Eimeo Pacific Hotel uses solar energy and collects rainwater to irrigate the property's gardens. Waste is properly managed, and the hotel recycles old newspaper to make biodegradable packaging.

2. The Hut Environmental and Community Association

The Hut Environmental and Community Association is an independent organisation committed to promoting and supporting sustainable practices in the Mackay region. This community organisation has taken some significant steps to reduce its carbon footprint. It has successfully implemented composting, producing organic waste for local farmers and food producers. The Hut also has a solar-powered hot water system producing hot water all year round.

3. Greenheart Organic Farms

Greenheart Organic Farms is a local farm based in Sarina that promotes sustainable agriculture using organic farming practices. The farm uses techniques that prevent soil erosion, such as cover crops and crop rotation. The farm also utilises drip irrigation technology to conserve water resources. Greenheart's products are chemical-free and non-GMO, and the farm produces several different types of vegetables, fruits and herbs.

4. Eco-Clean Solutions

Eco-Clean Solutions offers eco-friendly cleaning services for homes and businesses in Mackay. This business uses only eco-friendly cleaning products made with natural ingredients, which makes them safe for the environment and pets being around them. Eco-Clean Solutions also uses microfibre cloths to reduce water usage when cleaning and prevents chemicals from being released into the water supply.

5. Going Solar

Going Solar is an Australian company that offers solar energy solutions to both residential and commercial customers. Going Solar offers renewable energy solutions including solar panels, battery backup systems and hybrid systems that combine solar energy with traditional energy sources. Going Solar offers assisted financing measures to spread out the payment for those wishing to change over without halting their use of electricity.

6. Dirt Ninja

Dirt Ninja is an eco-friendly company that specialises in professional lawn and garden maintenance. This business uses organic fertilisers and weedkiller to prevent the use of harsh chemicals. Another way the Dirt Ninja reduces its carbon footprint is by using electric-powered equipment, which produces fewer emissions than traditional gas-powered equipment.

7. Marinite Roofing

Marinite Roofing provides roofing services for residential and commercial properties in the Mackay region. This company offers a unique service as it only uses eco-friendly materials in all its roofing projects. This is something very innovative as many companies continue to use industry standard materials causing unnecessary strain on the environment.

8. Organic Motion

Organic Motion is a personal training studio in the Mackay area. This company uses sustainable technology to help individuals get in shape with the environment in mind. This company uses fitness equipment that has been developed for low energy usage. The equipment is also sourced from environmentally responsible companies.

In summary, the above businesses prove that it is possible to be environmentally responsible whilst running a successful business. The Mackay region is fortunate to have such businesses as part of their economy. Each business offers a unique service committing to sustainability. Let's celebrate those working hard to promote the cause of eco-friendliness in the Mackay region, and hopefully these businesses will raise awareness for eco-green issues and encourage others to follow suit. To get in touch with any of the above-listed businesses, please look them up on your the internet for their contact details.

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